The Singularity of Consciousness and Nonlinearity of Reincarnation

by Elias Jacob Singer

Each isochron holds

A multiverse but is a


The apparent separateness of consciousness along any isochron is an illusion created by the inability of the mind to communicate across moments with incompatible information. In actuality however, these seemingly divergent aspects of our consciousness are interconnected as a single entity. Difficulty in communicating across the isochron is due to a lack of direct access to the minds and memories of our alternate timelines. Only impressions can cross over the isochron. In other words, consciousness can recognize but not remember.

You may be wondering, how are we expected to accept this as fact when only our direct experience is to be used when applying the phenomenal framework? You don't have to accept this idea on faith alone. It is possible for each individual to directly experience their singularity of consciousness. The everyday phenomena of déjà-vu is a simple example of how we directly experience the isochron consciousness across our alternate timelines. Many other experiences such as premonitions, synchronicity, out of body experiences, and unexplained talents or abilities are further examples.

The idea that humans have a singular consciousness may seem fantastic on the surface, but it is a widely held belief across many different cultures and traditions. For most it's accepted on faith to be true and -- more importantly -- it's a required belief in order for there to be an afterlife. Unfortunately, the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics throws a monkey wrench into this belief. If the universe splits in every moment for each possible event, what becomes of our consciousness? The immediate thought is that it too must split apart in every moment, however the reality of the many-worlds interpretation in actuality is more complex than this commonly cited simplified view.

Imagine you're at home alone for the evening with the shades drawn. In one universe you watch a movie and in another you read a book. Assuming no information concerning the two events ever leaves your house, must the entire universe bifurcate according to this choice? Occam's razor suggests not. It is only necessary for those areas of the universe which contain information about the split to bifurcate. The remainder of the universe remains intact and to external observers the two different evenings you spent at home remain in superposition.

Two systems which share information are intrinsically linked while two systems which share no information remain in mutual superposition to each other. In other words an entirely new universe is not created for each possible outcome of an event, only the portion of spacetime which has lost or gained information due to the event bifurcates. This is the concept of quantum decoherence. The bookkeeping our consciousness would have to accomplish under this view is much more complex than even the simple case requires. Again, Occam's razor suggests this is not the case. The most parsimonious explanation is that consciousness is completely separate from spacetime. While spacetime exists as a multiverse, consciousness is unfragmented across both time and space and is only compartmentalized by the particular area it inhabits.

Directly experiencing your singular consciousness contains a surprising bonus. It directly implies the immortality of consciousness since there must be isochrons wherein the mind of the individual both ceases and perpetuates. The mind halting in one universe allows its consciousness to merge with the singularity. Consciousness continues to persist in spacetime until we reach the isochron where the mind has ceased in all timelines. In this final isochron our consciousness is completely integrated with the singularity and contains impressions from all possible timelines experienced. It is in this moment that our consciousness is finally released and free to inhabit new spacetime if desired. Consciousness is inherently free from the restrictions of spacetime and therefore the reincarnation of consciousness must be both nonlinear and nonlocational. It does not matter where or when the new spacetime your consciousness inhabits exists.

Awareness is the key to discovering your singular consciousness. Open your mind to allow impressions to flow across the isochron. Release yourself from the order potential within your own mind. It is here you will find your true identity.