Axioms of Phenomenal Perfectionism

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The Human Mind is an Information Engine which Processes Observations to Produce Actions

  1. Information quantifies the amount of free entropy in a system.

  2. Information external to the individual is Universal Order.

  3. Information internal to the individual is Order Potential.

  4. Universal order is modified via Action.

  5. Order potential is modified via Observation.

  6. Action and observation occur in rapid succession in the Action-Observation cycle.

The Collection of all Moments which can be Realized from the Present Moment is the Potential Self

  1. A single iteration of the action-observation cycle is a Moment.

  2. The Present Moment is the action-observation cycle an individual is currently experiencing.

  3. A moment is Realized when a sequence of actions cause it to become the present moment.

  4. A moment is Attainable if it can be realized from another through a sequence of actions.

  5. An Isochron is the set of all attainable moments an equal number of action-observation cycles from the present moment.

  6. The Potential Self is the set of all isochrons.

Actualization Potential Evaluates the Objective Hierarchy across the Potential Self

  1. Objectives are statements about the universal order which can be determined to be true or false.

  2. Subordinate Objectives are those that must be true for another objective to be true.

  3. A Primary Objective is one which is not subordinate to any other objective.

  4. Priorities are weights against primary objectives for a given moment.

  5. Evaluation is the process of weighting primary objectives against momentary priorities.

  6. Realization Potential is the probability a moment will eventually be realized from the present moment.

  7. Actualization is the expected evaluation across a given isochron weighted by realization potential.

  8. Actualization Potential is the total expected actualization evaluated across the potential self.

Perfection is Intractable and therefore we utilize Suboptimal Heuristics

  1. The Perfect Action is the one which results in the optimal actualization potential in a given moment.

  2. Understanding is order potential related to the axioms and their implications.

  3. Knowledge is order potential related to the state of objectives.

  4. Wisdom is order potential related to available actions and their expected impact to the universal order.

  5. With complete understanding and infinite knowledge, wisdom, and time Perfect Optimization is possible.

  6. Perfect optimization is Intractable since order potential and time in any moment are finite.

  7. The intractable nature of perfect optimization necessitates suboptimal Heuristics to be utilized to approximate evaluation.

We approach Perfect Optimization through Conscious Awareness

  1. Efficiency measures the maximum actualization potential a heuristic can achieve relative to optimal actualization.

  2. The Fundamental Nature of an individual is to move toward perfect optimization.

  3. A heuristic is Subverted if it does not optimize actualization potential to its maximum efficiency.

  4. The cause of subverted heuristics is Unconscious order potential generated by external objectives.

  5. Awareness is the conscious evaluation of objectives utilizing understanding, knowledge, and wisdom.

  6. The influence of external objectives can be completely Extinguished through awareness.

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