The Path Toward a Personal Understanding of God

by Elias Jacob Singer

Understanding God

It is the perfect action

In every moment

The question of the existence of God is almost as old as humanity itself. Many great minds have pondered this question and have left us with only one real possibility, God is an elusive entity whose existence must be accepted on faith. Under this paradigm the phenomenal approach seems to offer no hope. Perhaps however, the difficulty in understanding God is simply a semantic problem, or in other words the puzzle lies in the definition of what God is.

Axiom 25 shows us a different path towards the understanding we seek. If we realize that God is not an entity but simply the perfect action in every moment the answer suddenly becomes clear, there exists a personal God who acts in the universe through sentient beings. This new approach to the concept of God leaves us with three approaches to cultivate this personal relationship. First, we can view God as force which drives us toward an unattainable ideal life. Second, we can let God work through us via spontaneous action. We can adjust our objectives to increase our chances of selecting more perfect actions in every moment.

The perfectionist approach views life as a constant striving toward what is often an unattainable ideal. Why should we continue to reach for something if it is unattainable? Without this driving force toward actualization in our lives we become lost and unlikely to fully actualize any of our objectives in the universal order. The very real sequence of perfect actions should serve as a guidepost to work toward but of course we must be careful never to measure ourselves against it. The Axioms show us that this would be inefficient since we should never lament foregone past actualization and always continue to look forward to our potential self as the only true source of self actualization. In this sense, God becomes personal since the perfect action in any moment depends on the choices available to and the primary objectives inherent in each individual. This viewpoint also makes an understanding of God attainable for any individual in the moment when we select the perfect action.

You might think that selection of the perfect action is difficult, but I maintain that most of the time the choice is simple and we often choose this path without much effort. However, sometimes the perfect action is obscured due to lack of information or a misalignment of objectives relative to universal order. In these situations we must try to utilize our connection with our multi-universal consciousness. When we can do this the perfect action becomes a spontaneous event. Don't overthink it. Trust your intuition and maintain efficiency. Don't second guess yourself. This approach helps us move toward God because the perfect action is never to hesitate. However, we must keep in mind the perfect action in a particular moment may be inaction.

Finally, we can move closer to God by adjusting our primary objectives. This has been the historic approach of the monastic and ascetic traditions among others. With a stripped down set of primary objectives the selection of the perfect action becomes easier and in some cases even routine. Compromising our objectives in this way is not for everyone, but even accomplishing this in small ways makes the path easier, bringing us closer to God. Aligning our objectives with a more simplified life not only increases our chances of selecting the perfect action but also the efficiency with which we make choices. The benefit of this is that it allows for greater actualization potential in every moment.

So, we can see that God is not some ineffable entity but instead is a personal relationship which lives within us and a force which drives us all toward personal, and therefore, universal actualization. Connect with this understanding and open yourself to the boundless actualization it allows. Never cease striving for your ideal and allow it to work through you to reach a more optimal state. Examine your primary objectives for misalignments and road blocks preventing maximization of actualization. Continual practice of these activities will unlock a complete understanding and a personal relationship with the sequence of perfect actions.